Flashback для улучшения корпоративной коммуникации

BB FlashBack … has really improved communication: it's faster, clearer and overcomes distance barriers.

…I've been able to use it almost immediately without any training.
Nick Peachy - British Council
We understand the requirements of corporate organisations - which is why BB FlashBack is used in companies around the world to improve internal communication through video instruction.

BB FlashBack Pro makes an excellent corporate communication tool, enabling staff to easily pass on information within an organisation - from error reporting if things go wrong at a computer workstation, to creating and distributing screen recordings for employee training - without having to call on additional company resources. By improving information exchange, BB FlashBack delivers instant benefits to all parts of the organisation.
  • Easy to use screen recorder - no technical skills required by staff.
  • Powerful feature set lets staff create 'pro' quality movies quickly.
  • Videos created with BB FlashBack can be integrated into your own software and intranet.
  • Error Reporting: send error reports as a movie to someone within your own organisation, so improving internal communications.
  • Support for automatic deployment via popular software distribution systems.
  • Flexible licensing options.
  • Option to customise installation.
  • Locked down for security – doesn't send any information via the internet.
  • Option to only record selected processes.
  • Reliable end-to-end process, from purchase to roll out.
  • Choice of maintenance contracts.
  • Security requirements fully addressed.
  • Multi-lingual versions for worldwide implementation.
  • Freedom to mix and match Free and Pro versions to save you money.
  • Free upgrades on the products purchased and priority technical support available.
  • Volume discount if you order for multiple users within your organisation.
  • No credit card required; use Purchase Order to buy.

Blueberry recognises the important role that communication plays in the effectiveness of any corporate environment, and how efficiency can be compromised by miscommunication.

We can provide a simple show-and-tell solution to reducing the frustrations encountered by misunderstandings when exchanging information, which often leads to time and manpower wastage.

BB FlashBack screen recorder instantly improves communication within organisations of any size and delivers rapid ROI by:

  1. Eliminating the need to repeat employee training sessions by enabling the easy creation of in-house help/training videos.
  2. Eliminating the delays caused by inaccurate problem reporting by enabling employees to send error reports to the appropriate staff within your own organisation, so improving internal communications.
Multi-Lingual Versions
BB FlashBack is scalable within any sized environment and can be implemented worldwide in multi-lingual versions - making it the ideal low cost solution to improved international communication, increased efficiency and real cost savings.

There are several editions of BB FlashBack available, starting with BB FlashBack Express, which is completely free for commercial use. This means you can mix and match the features needed to match the requirements of employees across your organisation.

Application settings can be pre-configured for bulk installations:
  • BB FlashBack can be set to deny access to the internet by default, ensuring the security of your organisation is maintained.
  • Option to only record selected processes, such as selected windows only.
  • Option to set BB FlashBack so that keystrokes are not recorded.
Flexible Licensing
Per PC user license. After registration the license can be used perpetually on the registered machine. Our most popular license for most users.
Site license. Allows BB FlashBack to be installed on as many PCs as required within a site for a fixed fee. Great for Educational establishments. 
Premium Support*


  • Priority email support by our development team to resolve any technical issues experienced with the deployment and use of BB FlashBack.
  • Phone support during normal working hours with a member of our technical team to resolve any issues on a one-to-one basis.
  • Free upgrades – access to major product upgrades for free.
  • Access to online forums and FAQs to resolve common problems with setting up and using BB FlashBack.

*BB FlashBack is also available without Premium Support.

Easy Deployment

BB FlashBack is compatible with most popular software distribution systems for automatic bulk deployment to PCs within an organisation.


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