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Windows 8 - does BB FlashBack support it? Does BB FlashBack support Windows 8? ( Pro, TestAssistant, Express, Standard)
Sound and video out of sync I record with sound, but when I play back the movie, the sound and video become more and more out of sync. ( Express, TestAssistant, Pro, Standard)
Low frame rate recordings I set frame rate to 25 fps, and record some video. But when I review the recording, it appears to be a much lower frame rate. How do I record at a higher fps? ( Standard, TestAssistant, Express, Pro)
When I record a video game I get a black screen You try to record a video game, but when the game is on-screen, the recording just shows black. ( Standard, TestAssistant, Express, Pro)
Cannot record PC sounds on Windows XP You cannot record the sounds you hear from the PC speakers. ( Standard, TestAssistant, Express, Pro)
Maximum movie length Is there a maximum length of time the recording can be? ( Pro, Express, TestAssistant, Standard)
Get a blank / black area when recording video I'm trying to record a video clip and in my recording I get a black rectangle where the video should be. ( Standard, Pro, Express)
Recording has black areas or is entirely black You make a recording, but parts of the movie are black, or the entire movie is black. ( Pro, Express, TestAssistant, Standard)
Can I record mode than one monitor? I want to record 2 or more monitors simultaneously. Can BB FlashBack do this? ( Standard, TestAssistant, Express, Pro)
A window or menu is missing from my recording When I make a recording, a particular window or popup menu is missing, not displayed. ( Standard, TestAssistant, Express, Pro)
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Руководства пользователя
Запись видео в движении
Как добиться лучших результатов при записи динамического содержимого, например, анимации, игры или видео в движении.

Использование режимов записи для получения более высокого качества записи
При записи динамических изображений, например, видео или анимации, необходимо ознакомиться с режимами записи FlashBack.